Meet Judge Rory Olsen

"You made it enjoyable to appear in your court this morning...a sense of humor shows intelligence." Sincerely, Mike DeGeurin

Olsen_Rory-Headshot-sq-trans.pngIn addition to his law degree from Duke University, Judge Rory Olsen holds an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Laws in Taxation from Southern Methodist University, and a Master of Judicial Studies from the National Judicial College.

He has spoken and written extensively on various aspects of probate and mental health practice, and is well-versed on the issues that arise in Probate Court Number Three.

Judge Olsen has taught at both the National Judicial College and at the law school at the University of Houston. His professional experience in the area encompasses more than thirty years, and he is a dedicated public servant of Harris County.



"Practical and tax consideration in deciding who should be a trustee"
July, 1981, Estate Planning
Co-authored with David C. Sharman, Esq.
Reprinted in Advanced Estate Planning by the American College

"Community Property at a Glance"
1983, Readings on Estate Planning by the American College

December, 1983
Texas Society of C.P.A.s C.P.E. Expo
VEBAs, 401(k)s and SEPs: Gimmicks or Valuable Techniques

Speech and Publication

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July, 1990
Texas Association of Life Underwriters Annual Convention
Errors and Omission Insurance
Speech and Publication

January, 1994
Wichita Falls Estate Planning Council
Applicability of White Collar Criminal Statutes to Estate Planning Practice
Speech and Publication

January, 1999
Mexican American Bar Association
Ad Litems in Mental Health Commitments and Heirships
Speech and Publication

October, 1999
Disability and Elder Law Attorneys Association
Role of the Ad Litem in Proceedings under S.B. 30 in the Probate Courts
Speech and Publication

September, 2000
Probate Court No. Three Mental Health Law Seminar
Vienna Consular Notification Convention
Speech and Publication

October, 2000
Houston Bar Association Seminar:  Guardianship and Elder Law Issues for the Practitioner and Ad Litem
The Ethical Dilemma of the Guardianship Attorney Ad Litem: Doing Your Best, Even If You Could Get By With Doing Much Less
Speech and Publication

October, 2001
Probate Court #3
Chemical Dependency Law Seminar
Ethical Trouble Spots in being a Mental Health ad Litem
Speech and Publication

October, 2001
Course Faculty
National Judicial College
Court Administrators for Judges and Court Administrators

November, 2001
Disability and Elder Law Attorneys
Judicial Privilege and Related Topics
Speech and Publication

October, 2003
Probate Court #3
Mental Health Law Seminar
A Lack of Commitment:  Selected Constitutional Cases Dealing with Mental Health Law
Speech and Publication

January, 2006
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Ad Litems and DNRs: or Who woke the sleeping firefighter?
Speech and Publication

September, 2006
Good Will Win in the End
A novel of judicial life, love and politics published by, Inc.

November, 2007
Probate Court #3
Mental Health Law Seminar
Social Science and the Law
Speech and Publication

February, 2010
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Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal Seminar
End of Life Decisions in the Era of Rationed Care
Speech and Publication

March, 2010
North Harris County Bar Association
Monthly CLE Program
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Probate Court #3
Speech and Publication

July, 2010
“Who Woke the Sleeping Firefighter?”
2 Estate Planning and Community Property LJ 275

September, 2010
South Texas College of Law Guardianship And Ad Litem Certification Course

February, 2013
Panelist in a “View From the Bench”  part of “Mentor Madness”
Garland Walker Inns of Court.

February, 2013
“Emergency Mental Health Care:  How to Navigate in Harris County”
50 The Houston Lawyer 26

June, 2013
“Funding, compassion can help treat mental illness”
June 23, 2013 Article in the Outlook portion of The Houston Chronicle

May, 2014
“Mental Health Violence: The Problem is Money"
Opinion Piece on, May 7, 2014

May, 2014
Disability and Elder Law Attorneys
Differences Between Incapacity and Mental Illness
Speech and Publication

June, 2015
State Bar of Texas
Advanced Estate Planning and Probate Seminar
Panel Discussion: “What a Practitioner Should Do If He Suspects Another Lawyer in a Case Is Impaired”
Paper: “A Lawyer’s Quick Guide to the DSM-5”